the apocalypse pack

The Apolcalypse Pack has been bred in harsh conditions and such created a versatile and hardiness unseen in many other breeds. This is inherent in a landrace breed and something to be prized and nurtured within them.


I am starting this project not only for the love of the landrace dogs and the extreme, raw deep connection that I have found with these dogs. But also as a token of remembrance to all those who have fought hard and overcome adversity. As a symbol of what is truly valuable in this world that it was never lost through tragedy but lives on in them.


For centuries these dogs were an irreplaceable and faithful assistant of man in conditions where the slightest demonstration of weakness was punished with death. They always received respectful attitudes from their human family, which treated them as a member rather than a simple domestic animal. This means that it developed into a fabulous companion dog, devoted, lively, and biddable. The breed is extremely gentle and considerate with children to whom it commonly establishes especially tight bonds. This incredible dog hailing from mountains on central Asia, while devoted to its family can be reserved, suspicious, or aloof with strangers. Nevertheless its nature doesn’t exclude the necessity of a certain amount of socialization, preferably at an early age.

The breeds most notable traits are its instinctual intelligence for what it was bred for centuries for, to guard the family; and their way of life. This included the animals they kept sheep, goats, cattle, chickens, and their most precious valuable the next generation, their children. It is also noted for the extreme faithfulness to its family while independent, it shows true discernment in how to protect its family. Everything about them should speak to this end, their powerful expression of agility, strength, alertness, and dignity. This strong instinct to protect and be faithful is beautifully woven into their very being and DNA. It comes with peace of mind that these drives are coupled with a brave, bold, and careful edge where they are not tempted easily and impetuous.


A vigilant, primitive canine that is highly intelligent, powerful, dynamic, loyal and devoted to it’s family.

These dogs may have originally been used for livestock guardian jobs, but with the skill sets that are required to such a discipline these dogs can thrive in many sports and environments. Having had to endure days of journeying through mountains on little to no food, at times hunting for their own food, and keeping an eye and nose out for predators that may blend in. All of this without any reward or wandering off staying loyal to their shepherds, and flocks. They inherently will excel in stamina and endurance, with a sense of fortitude and determination unrivaled with many other breeds. With conditions such as these they will have boundless energy, especially during puppyhood, and young adolescence.

A meaningful job is best for these dogs not simply being turned loose into the backyard to wander meaninglessly. They are genetically bred for centuries to have such a deep devotion toward their owners and perform much needed tasks. Interactive sports where they can see an aim and purpose to their tasks is best suited, the drive to please their family will bring out an uncanny resolve. Otherwise with no objective they may bore easily and refuse to perform regardless of incentive and show their stubbornness.

This means they are fundamentally not a kennel dog, while training them to sleep, eat, and relax in a kennel is wonderful, this should not be where they spend the majority of their awake time. Space to run and play in an area with fencing of some sort is important as many have a propensity to wander off if not trained to stay in an area.


I would not recommend these dogs to apartment living they are in regular need of exercise both physically and mentally. If not placed in a normal working home, they will need stimulation to satisfy its high drive, sports such as search and rescue, agility, tracking, obedience, endurance and other working dog sports would be ideal. Or simply an active owner who enjoys outdoor activities and a companion to biking, running, swimming or hiking that comes with a sense of protection. If an energy outlet is not provided like many other breeds, they can become destructive from such an unhappy and bored setting. I also would not recommend them to first time owners in the same sense a German Shepherd, or Chow Chow is not a first time dog for most. These dogs require confident leadership, structure, and consistency, they will not respect their owners if this is not provided. They are a dominant and slightly independent breed thus training can be a little tricky. Their high intelligence coupled with deep loyalty means they will not thrive in a punishment type of training but rather patience positive reinforcement.