The cunning and regal ladies.


DOB: 10 November, 2017

Height and Weight: 31” and 125 pounds

Vienna was a show stopper as soon as she arrived. Her attentive nature at such a young age astounded us. She was lively and full of joy; her every step showed just how happy this girl was. She didn’t have bumps in the road, as we expect of all puppies. She showed patience, kindness, and loyalty beyond her years; an old soul of a puppy. As she matured and turned one, Vienna lost some of the puppy play that we had enjoyed and it manifested itself into an exceptional devotion that is unsurpassed. She is elegant and athletic; a dog to marvel at and each day we count her among our best! Her name theme for progeny we keep is Towns and Cities.

Training: Protect Livestock, Basic obedience, off leash obedience


  • PennHip:

  • OFA Hips OFA Elbows

  • OFA Thyroid Normal AG-TH2/19F-VPI OFA Patella Normal AG-PA2/19F/P-VPI

  • OFA Cardiac Normal AG-CA2/19F/P-VPI OFA Eyes PENDING

  • OFA Degenerative Myelopathy negative AG-DM1/4F-PI CHIC Number :


DOB: 18 December, 2018

Kyoto was unexpected and each time I would think I should find her a loving family, the next moment she would be in my lap loving me. Sometimes they pick you and you just hold on because you know it is going to be special. Kyoto is extremely athletic, full of endurance, and has the brightest light shining inside her. The joy and happiness this pup exudes is bound to make even the worst days turn around. We are excited for our relationship with her as she chose us and that means a lot!

Training: pending

Health: All health testing will proceed as age appropriate.


DOB: November 28, 2018

Elurra came to us through an odd set of circumstances. A puppy we originally were importing disappeared in her native country without word. As upsetting as this was, we tried to not blame anyone and move on. Just a few weeks after, a lovely friend had already found two sister puppies that resembled the original sister pups we were meant to import. She had already arranged for both of them and one was to be mine. Once Elurra arrived she was a show stopper perfect with children and our family, she displayed a dominant temperament but intelligent to know it was not meant for ego or pride but for protecting those around her. She is quiet and reserved mostly but when needed this girl is full of spirit and does everything we ask and reacts quickly.

Training: Has not completed anything as of yet.

Health: All testing will proceed as age appropriate at this time nothing is pending.


DOB: 17 April, 2018

Height and Weight: 28” and 107 pounds

Valkyrie threw us for a loop through her maturity process she was not like the previous two nomadic dogs we had gotten. She was driven in a way we had not encountered with our Turkish dogs either, and so began the process of learn about her. She is eager to please she has a drive to learn and help with everything, if you move sheep a certain way she wants to move them with you. She wants to help herd, and do chores, and protect, this was the beginning of seeing what these ancient dogs used to be. When they lived in villages nomadically and the dogs hunted for food, they provided transportation via sledding, they protected stock, and their caretakers. They were not as easy-going they were ready to work, a compact dog that had a low metabolism and functioned beyond what our modern bred dogs do. It wasn’t hard to train into them, it wasn’t something that needed trained from the beginning it was innate and apart of the fabric making her so amazing.

Training: Protect Livestock


  • PennHip:

  • OFA Hips OFA Elbows

  • OFA Thyroid Normal AG-TH3/14F-VPI OFA Patella Normal AG-PA3/14F/P-VPI

  • OFA Cardiac Normal AG-CA3/14F/P-VPI OFA Eyes PENDING

  • OFA Degenerative Myelopathy negative CHIC Number :