Valais Blacknose Lambs 2019

Our F1 (first generation) Valais lambs started to arrive!


Ewecalyptus gave birth to twins a lovely little ewe lamb named Apple, and a bouncy ram lamb named Sprout.

We will be retaining the ewe lamb.

DOB: March 30, 2019


Ebony gave birth to twins a small ewe lamb we named Dot and a ram lamb named Dash. The lambing went well for Ebony and was quick but her lambs were weak and not up and going as fast as we’d like to see. Ebony refused the ewe lamb and spent her time with Dash. We milked Ebony’s colostrum out for Dot but she was reluctant to take it. We administered a lamb drench, vitamins and minerals, and put her on a heating pad. Dot began within hours making pained noises and we knew she would not make it. At times allowing nature to take its course and those little ones we do love and had already taken as our own to love and cherish we must let go where they will be happier. Dot was named loved and cared for even with only hours on this earth, her brother Dash was within a couple days thriving and bouncing. He has become the rascal of the group, and first to start the lamb races each evening!