The loyal and patient boy.


DOB: 1 September, 2018

Height and Weight: 28” and 95 pounds (10 months)

Sevan was a massive pain in the butt to get here, he was apart of a group effort to import genetics from a sub-population of landrace dogs in Eastern Armenian. Sevan was a flash decision to purchase and import all we had to go on was pictures of mothers, and potential sires. The sheep camps are nomadic and thus the dogs are kept in a pack and many males roam about. We were interested in the genetics, and the pure ability of dogs who have continued to live the nomadic harsh lifestyles in Armenia I received Sevans picture while in Costco and immediately jumped on it sending the photo back to marking ME on it. He was cute and what else did I have to go on really? Nothing. Sevan arrived here and the wheels started turning in my mind as I watched this young pup start to grow up. Sevan displayed the perfect instinctual intelligence I see with all my nomadic landrace dogs and then some. His slightly smaller build and compact body showed great stamina and endurance he had a love of life. So we began to train him, and continue training him now. We plan to take Sevan as far as he will go apart of our quest to showcase this sub-population of dogs for something further beyond just a pasture dog.

Training: Protect Livestock, basic obedience


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