Time and Respect

This has become quite a struggle and topic that I see much debate upon. When you purchase an animal from a breeder we want the support and knowledge from them when needed. That is very understandable as any reputable breeder would love to answer your questions and help you as the interest of the animal you have is still very much dear to their heart.

With that being said there is a limit to the amount communication a breeder can provide on a dally basis while also having, a career, a family, the normal going-ons of a household, and all the owners. Not to mention one must have private time or we cannot take care of others. When a new animal is listed for sale I have dozens of inquiries and then many who are not serious still feel the need to keep contacting me to ask me about gossip, or other questions. I would love to help everyone but at this point I must say I cannot and I need to focus on my family, the animals I have in my care, and my owners, as this is the extend of my time.

Many get mad if a breeder does not respond right away, when you purchase any animal from me please do not be under the false reality you own my time now. I do expect owners to be capable adults that can research information as I have learning on my own. Also that you would utilize the proper professional for your questions, veterinarian, trainer, coach, ect. You can ask me what I do and how successful that is but I cannot say without a single doubt if you do it my way it will be perfect on many issues. I am not at your house to understand exactly what is happening nor many times decipher the vague wording. Or even how each of us uses words differently and when you say lethargic on the energy spectrum if you are saying he is just taking a long nap or he hasn’t done anything in days.

I will continue to make blogs about common things I am asked so that the information is more accessible and you can then have my opinion and how I do things here quicker than I may be able to personally respond.

But at this point I must ask you to have patience if you message me a question that is not in need of serious attention. I simply cannot and will not at the expense of my children and the animals time here be capable of getting to each person everyday.

Also only inquire about an animal if you are serious this would mean you have cleared it with your spouse if that is something you need. You are capable of paying for the animal at that time, and you have filled out the questionnaire and have agreed to the contract for that particular species.

Thank you for understanding and respecting our time as we will try to always respect your time as well!

Autumn GaleyComment