Health Testing

As we return from picking up Sequoia from her preliminary PennHip evaluation, I wanted to post about what health testing we will be doing here and why.

The health testing for own canine friends will proceed as follows:

9-12 months: PennHip preliminary evaluation

1 year: Complete thyroid panel

2 years: Official PennHip, OFA hips, elbows, thyroid, cardiac, patella, eyes, and DM testing.

3 years: Complete thyroid panel

4 years: Complete thyroid panel

6 years: Complete thyroid panel

We know that this is above and beyond what most breeders are performing, and we are happy to do it. The prelim evaluation has shown us a lot in PennHip and how our dogs will score at 2 we would like to know ahead of time if we need to take precautions and also if the dog will be breeding material or should be placed in a loving family home.

Most people only thyroid test at 2 years of age, it is recommended by OFA, The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, that thyroid testing be performed at 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 years of age. So we want to provide not only the best to our customers but also forward the breed in ways beyond our own kennel. Having valuable data for thyroid records and any changes that occur can be recorded and analysed. This also can allow us to let owners know if a parent to their puppy has developed a thyroid issue later in life compared to at just two years of age.

These dogs are not recommended by their Kennel club or the Kennel club of like breeds to test for patella, cardiac and eyes. We simply do this because while the Boz are closely related to Kangals and Anatolians we have no baseline of data for them. This is the same line of thinking for the Armenian Gampr they simply have no baseline to truly say what to test for and so we wish to help the breed discover this.

Please know these tests are for our dogs that we carefully have picked from lines we watched and admired. We did not know if their testing would turn out well but took that risk and kept only the best to provide that to our owners. Our dogs testing in no way reflects other kennels or lines unless they are testing their dogs as well.

We want to provide the best so you can keep on tapping in your own Black Tie Affair life!

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