Gasparyan's Venetia

This will be an area for me and for others to comment freely about other known relatives with health issues, or severe temperament issues. Being open and honest about our dogs is the only thing that may help someone else to safeguard themselves from being trapped by a poor breeder.

***If commenting the tests must be rated and verifiable no hunches, third-party, or gossip.

Gasparyan’s Venetia:

DM: negative through blood test

Venetia’s dam: Gasparyan’s Gaby 2 no testing

Venetia’s sire: Gasparyan’s Lopaz no testing

Venetia was a direct import and with that many times comes unknown health on the pedigree. We are fortunate to have her genetic diversity, and will continue to test her and welcome any relatives to post their health testing results.

Autumn GaleyComment