We are going to start with three deposit types that will be explained below.

Standard deposits:

The standard deposit is for an animal that already exists and is available. The deposit price will be 25% of the purchase price. These deposits are not refundable.

Conditional deposits:

These deposits are for animals, that come with conditions ranging from sex, color, specific parents (if specified beforehand), pick order, etc. These deposits are refundable if within the time frame agreed upon I cannot produce the conditions. Deposits will be 25% of the purchase price.

Chambered deposits:

A chambered deposit is a deposit that is given when someone wants a dog from us but does not know which litter they may want but wants a BTA pup or dog. Supporting us as the leader in health testing, and strict requirements for structure and temperament. These deposits are $750 as we would not know the animals pricing until born or established. These deposits are not refundable.

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