Questions and Answers



  • What health testing do you have performed?

    • Each all of our sheep are tested for CAE, CL, Q-fever, Johnes, and Brucellosis

  • Do you have foot rot?

    • No, we do not have foot rot on our property and all sheep leave with a health certificate being vet certified as foot rot free.


  • How do we purchase a lamb from you?

    • First you must be on file with a signed contract with us, this is to guarantee the proper care and treatment of the animal. You then will have spoken to us via, phone or messages about your desires and questions. If all is in order we can proceed with the sale of the animal.

  • What forms of payment do you take?

    • Venmo, paypal, Zelle, cashier’s checks, and personal checks (personal checks must be cleared before the animal leaves).

  • Do you ship?

    • Yes we ship both ground and air and can help you to arrange both

  • Who pays for shipping?

    • All shipping expenses are the responsibility of the purchaser/buyer, this can include, crate, bowls, and the transporter fees.


  • How old are lambs before they can leave?

    • Lambs leave at 12 weeks at a minimum.

  • Will lambs be identifiable?

    • Yes your lamb or adult sheep will either be tagged in the ear with a scrapies tag number or a microchip.

  • Do you replace lambs

    • No, unless the issue was clearly a fault on our behalf, we expect people to have made a mature decision and stick with their purchase, given the contract, and no pressure conversations to ensure each one of our lambs or adults goes to a prepared and loving home. We do always take animals back if an owner can no longer care for their sheep.

  • Do you dock tails?

    • No we do not, it takes only an extra 30 seconds max to shear the tail, and we do not feed a diet that causes constant diarrhea in our sheep.