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  • Do you give references?

    • Yes, I have a Facebook page I can send you to where you can see current and past owners. Also if I can connect you with owners privately so you many ask them any questions you would like.

  • Do you belong to a breed club?

    • Yes, we belong to the American Rare Breed Association (ARBA), Armenian Gampr Club, and the Turkish Boz Breeders Association (TBBA).

  • How long have you been breeding?

    • I personally have been breeding dogs for 7 years. I partnered with my mom to breed AKC Yorkies and Cairn Terriers. We strive to improve each year and implement education to ourselves and also to others on our breeds.

  • How can we contact you after we pick up our puppy?

    • You will receive my phone number, if you already have not, and we also have Facebook messenger, email, and the Whatsup app.

  • What requirements of me do you have to purchase a puppy?

    • We first ask you fill out our puppy questionnaire. From there we will determine if our dogs would suit you, and may ask to speak to you on the phone. Once approved you will be required to sign a contract with us and then you may adopt one of the puppies.

  • Do you have a contract?

    • Yes, you can view the contract before leaving a deposit. We will send two copies of the contract to you via email or usps mail, once you sign both one copy can be returned to us in an already provided stamped envelope or through email and you retain the second copy.

  • What forms of payment do you take?

    • Venmo, Paypal, Cashier’s checks, and personal checks made out to Autumn Galey.


  • Are the puppies parents certified?

    • Yes each breeding dog has been evaluated and tested for their breed specific diseases and ultimately “certified” by a veterinary specialist to be disease-free.

  • How big are the parents?

    • Please go to either the Males or Females page located under CANINE to see the height and weight of each parent. These heights are performed by a third party for accuracy and we keep video of each dog stepping on a scale to verify weight.

  • May I come meet the parents?

    • Yes, absolutely we would please ask you inform us ahead of time if you are shopping around to get an idea of what you’d like in a dog, or seriously looking to find a puppy. We will have some other detailed questions upon setting up an appointment to visit as parvo and other infectious agents spread so easily.


  • Where do you live?

    • Newport, WA is the town and state we are located in.

  • Do you ship your puppies?

    • Yes we ship our puppies, we use United or Delta for air travel. Amy Sporna with Andorra Hill Transport is who we use for ground transportation we have not had any issues with either way of transport. We also allow owners to find their own transportation or pick the puppy up themselves.

  • Who is responsibly for the cost of shipping?

    • All shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer, including crate, health certificate, and transport fee.


  • How do you socialize your puppies?

    • Each puppy is socialized at early ages so that we can help to provide a great start to the pup for being well-adjusted. They are introduced to other dogs both bigger and smaller that we own. They are also introduced to children, and adults each experience we strive to make positive and comfortable. They hear loud noises and fast movements so to understand all the bumps and thumps in life.

  • What vaccines has the puppy had?

    • We vaccinate puppies in accordance with what our veterinarian recommends. Starting at 6 weeks the puppy receives a 5- way shot, and continuing with 9-way shows at 9,12, 15, and 18 weeks. Depending when you pick your puppy up will depend where they are in their vaccine schedule.

  • Has the puppy been dewormed?

    • Yes, each puppy is dewormed either with safeguard or pyrantel at 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 weeks. Older puppies receive Drontal dewormer.

  • What visits with the vet has the puppy received?

    • Each puppy will get a health exam at one of the three veterinarians we utilize. You will receive the vets name and phone number if you wish to speak to them.

  • What is your guarantee for each puppy?

    • Please see the CANINE tab go to Puppies and find in blue the link to our contract all guarantees are within this document. If you would like to adjust something in the contract please contact us to discuss this.

  • Do you have Family History on the puppy both lineage and medical?

    • We have owned many of the these dogs for several generations, if you are interested in a specific litter I can give you family history for the parents. The lineage will be available on each dogs individual page and medical you can privately contact me for.

  • When can I take the puppy home?

    • Puppies can go home anytime between 8-12 weeks of age they need ample time to socialize and learn basic dog behaviors and manners from their mother.

  • What food is the puppy being fed?

    • Castor & Pollux Organix grain-free puppy recipe (light purple label)

  • Do you take puppies back?

    • Yes, we don’t ask questions and will take any puppy or dog back we bred. It would be appreciated and helpful if we could receive health information and all records but understand this is not always possible in every circumstance.


  • How much do your dogs bark?

    • I cannot quantify this in exactness but our dogs to not excessively bark. They bark when needed and quite limited, I would like to state they also have other dogs in their pack that they are not threatened and feel the need to bark and defend themselves through only barking.

  • How do you feed your dogs?

    • We feed our dogs a mix of kibble and raw, the raw is a mix of meat, fat, and organ mixed together. The dogs all receive meaty bones to chew on and we monitor their body conditions to assess amount of food to give.

  • Do your dogs jump on people?

    • Absolutely not! Each dog is trained to have manners and basic obedience at the least. These dogs become quite large and if a dog does not respect its human family members and realize we can be delicate serious injuries can occur.