We realized we were not satisfied with producing run of the mill, when we found our passion was exploding and we didn’t want to lose that. We want to always feel the drive to provide the best, to improve, and to never lose the fervor that makes us strive to excel. The grind of the ordinary had all but taken out the small spark we had left, and that was when old talks of changing and taking our path came about again. It was either quit completely or make a new path, and we have decided to take a new path in hopes many follow and we never lose the passion and enjoyment of raising all of these wonderful animals.

It was 2012 when Travis and I went house shopping, we were excited but also new and didn’t understand all the aspects of purchasing our first home. Jokingly at a suburban home, that was beautiful, when we were touring my husband mentioned “Well the backyard is big enough we could get a couple sheep”. That simple sentence and joke began our journey, being a lifelong animal lover I had never experienced anything except dogs and cats in my suburban upbringing. The next home we visited was not much to look at but it had 5 acres of land and a big shop, when I got out of the car I looked at the realtor and said this is it! Well thank goodness I married a man who loves me and had a deep need to always show me. We bought it and within a couple months of moving in I had cows, sheep, and a vast amount of birds. When all the pets I had accumulated started showing up dead my heart sank. I was always in tears I raised these from babies I loved each one I played with them I watched them grow and become adults.

So to the computer I went and began researching, we went through the basics and found we needed a livestock guardian dog, to make a long story short, we purchased our first Turkish Boz Shepherd. His name is Mufasa and he was everything the breeder promised he was a loving protective dog, and while our journey had its missteps Mufasa taught us about himself and what he did and how he was going to do it. Well I can tell you looking back, if Mufasa had not have been of the utmost quality, and true natural instincts we would have failed him. Mufasa taught us so much and we are forever grateful to him, we kept on the journey and for years we just loved on our dogs and experienced their protective nature that was complimented by some of the biggest hearts.

We found our passion and love lied with sheep and all our birds, we home raised a small quantity of sheep each year to love and enjoy! Our chicken flock grew as how could one resist owning one of each kind and color, we saw them become mothers, and raise their own chicks. All while completely safe with their loving protector Mufasa. As time grew our family did as well and we moved to eastern Washington; where we could watch our animals graze and play in a plethora of space as they are meant to. As the land was vast and the terrain mountainous we began to add additional dogs for our animals protection, our pack of canines grew quite fast.

We had our own hiccups along the way of learning about how often others are out to take advantage and when greed takes over. We many times sat down and went back to our plan having to reflect upon when we were happy when we were doing the right thing. This didn’t include what animals or how many but rather how excited we would get when providing the best care, when seeing the joy on a new owners face that pure love and euphoria they live in for just a moment when all of life is stopped and it is just them with their new family member. That is what made it worth it that is what we loved, and that is when all that love fueled us to do better. Because each life is to be honored and valued.

That is where our name came from sometimes we may be very dirty, and the job not so glamorous, but we want to always make this a Black Tie Affair, in quality, and enjoyment. We want to throw the cares of the world aside and embrace something for a moment that is quality, and rare. We want to share our love with others and provide people not with the same blah blah blah you hear repeated again and again, but with the truth and sometimes that includes us not knowing. We want to have a standard that exceeds others and be proud of that. So if you wish to add one of our Black Tie Affair animals into your lives and take back the luxury of loving life again with a full heart of adventure and joy please contact us. I do hope that one of our dogs, sheep, or chickens will find a place in your heart!

***Mostly having a farm or ranch or homestead we found out the magic is sprinkled with a fuck ton of injuries and heartache, its exhausting and grueling but so rewarding!!!***